Start a new life

If you would like to change your life by wedding, you definitely should prepare perfect marriage proposal. Maybe you don´t think that is so important and you only want prepare dinner at home or in some restaurant and give her a ring. It can probably work, but maybe you can be better than major part of men and surprise her. We know that it is not easy to prepare really nice program with perfect dinner, because you have your work duties and you cannot prepare everything in evening time. So we are here for you and we can help you. There are three packages for you that you can avail. First is private dinner proposal, so you will have great menu in gardens under the Prague Castle. You will be there alone, so we can prepare perfect flower decoration and candles, which will make better atmosphere. 

The best woman in your life

If you really love her, you should try this possibility. Trust us that you never saw her happier than in this day. Women have romantic heart, so if you prepare something like this, you will be her prince or king and she will never forget. Make her happy and she will make you happy all your life. It is needn´t time to time make a smile on her face, because they are important in life and they wait all their life to this step. Be her prince on the white horse.